Primary packaging

Now that a batch of your products has reached the end of the line, they need to be packed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Would you like them packaged individually or grouped in a specific number? Will the specific batch be “naked”, fresh, frozen or (partially) baked? Placed in a bag, foil, paper, blister packaging or crate?


We offer the right solutions to get the primary packaging job done. From cutting and slicing machines to pillow pack, flow packing or bagging and manual packing solutions. From pick and place packaging to multiple lanes dividing or batch counting.  


After each product, or group of products, is packaged, our custom solutions will further label, clip, and ink-jet mark each package. You can even add extra checks for the finished packaging. Think about track and trace codes and quality checks using vision solutions, metal detection and X-ray checks.
Our complete solutions are just what you need to properly package your fresh-off-the-line products. Would you like to discover how our primary packaging solutions can help improve your existing production facility? Contact us today for more information!