About us

Packaging bread & pastry products is a complex process that involves many steps. The bakery market is teeming with suppliers of solutions for each of these steps; think about machines for slicing, packaging and labelling bread. Still, in all our years, we have yet to encounter more suppliers that offer the complete solution package that we supply! We provide you with customized turn-key solutions, from product to pallet. Bakepack is your definitive partner for end-of-line solutions and it is this total system integration that makes Bakepack unique.


Industrial bakeries usually purchase several separate packaging solutions, each operating as a stand-alone machine. At Bakepack, we build fully automatic and semi-automatic packaging solutions. We do this by purchasing A-brand packaging machines, then connecting the individual machines in such a way that they operate as one complete system, engineered to meet your production demands.


We have 50 years’ experience at Verhoeven Material Handling Family in building complete internal handling and conveyer systems, both for the food industry and other sectors. Our expert knowledge of dough and dough products is gleaned from over 20 years of experience at Verhoeven Bakery Equipment family. We combine these years of knowledge and expertise and harness it in the packaging process.


In short, at Bakepack End of Line Solutions we provide integrated total solutions that our competitors cannot.